There is pain in insight and peace in knowing. 

From birth until age 7 my father was the strongest, funniest, most energetic person I knew. Everyone liked him. He had many friends. He could fix anything. Him and my mother have been together since 8th grade. I felt favored.

On March 13th, 1993 my dad was involved in a head on collision that left him with severe traumatic brain injury. He would be bound to a wheelchair. He would need round the clock supervision for the rest of his life. He wouldn't be able to move me into my college dorm room, walk my sister down the aisle at her wedding, ride the lawn mower, cook a meal, use a cell phone and other things we often take for granted.

The worst part, most of his memory was lost and there was nothing we could do about it except love him. I wished he would walk again, and snap out of it. I wanted my dad back. But it never happened. I was so angry at God for allowing this to happen to him. I wondered. What is his purpose? Why is he still here?

As I accepted my new father. 

I realized that as his core he never changed. 

Although his job, car, money, and physical and mental capabilities were all stripped away, who he was at his very core was still the same beautiful person he was before the accident only in a different form. Still kind, still funny, still playful, still happy, still popular, still a beautiful light even in his circumstance.

When everything was stripped away, who are we? These pieces represent that question.

The nakedness in the art represents my father being stripped of his physical and mental capabilities. The handstands are a representation of his personality.


Bruised Bananas Are Sweeter 2. 2020. 72 in X 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Wood Panel


Bruised Bananas Are Sweeter 1. 2020. 72 in X 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Wood Panel


Bruised Bananas Are Sweeter 3. 2020. 72 in X 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Wood Panel

Have Tears Sometimes

They say..."slavery is over...just forget about it, "but how can we forget something that gave us so much to remember?
The world is frustrated and enraged, and that's ok because we are human, so have that melt down, scream about it, weep about it, but don't live there. Have tears sometimes and then REFOCUS on WHERE WE ARE HEADED...

Have Tears Sometimes 3. 2020. 70 by 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Watercolor Paper.


Have Tears Sometimes 1. 2020. 70 by 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Watercolor Paper. 


Have Tears Sometimes 2. 2020. 70 by 42 in. Watercolor Paper on Watercolor Paper. 

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