Artist Statement

YoYo Lander is a figurative visual artist. Her art explores the essence of people of color. Her passion is to use body language as an introduction into the context. Choosing her subjects are very intuitive. She goes with what she feels. YoYo then takes several photographs of her subjects to capture an image that is definitive. Next, she combines several images to express the chosen image through individually dyed pieces of watercolor paper. Within the final piece one will find a sense of truth, perhaps a moment that you’ve seen or experienced.

YoYo's aesthetic is visceral and expressive. What begins with a strictly defined intent, composition and color scheme is rarely visible in the finished piece. Layers of cut and dyed watercolor paper are strategically places over rough sketches.

​This is a shift in YoYo Lander's artistic approach, in which the context now plays a significant role in the depiction of the individual(s).

Using Format